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Build Strength, Endurance, Unstoppable Courage, And A Dedication To Your Ultimate Lifestyle

Founded in 2021 by Peter Jaroch, Iron Skull Gym is a place to find your strength and stretch your limitations. If our founder can do it, anyone can.

At Iron Skull Gym we have created an environment where no matter your ability we will match your needs and preferences to make sure you get the best results and enjoy every session with-in an ego free environment.

Iron Skull Gym offers a warm welcome to everyone offering a safe non-judgemental space to improve your fitness.

We aim to provide a professional, fun fitness training environment for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness who seek the intimacy of one-to-one training. Our classes takes place in our well-equipped Glasgow studio.

Iron Skull is suitable for everyone, regardless of experience, age, fitness, or strength levels.

Why train with Instructor​

We believes working with a instructor should be a learning experience, not like military boot camp with barking of orders or lots of shouting. We want you to learn how to train with us so that you understand how your body reacts to exercise and continue to grow your strength, stamina, and fitness level. This will allow you to take that knowledge with you to safely and effectively practice strength away from the studio.

Why Cardiovascular Conditioning?

The heart is the most important muscle in the human body. Without a healthy, conditioned heart, it does not matter how big your biceps become. We’ll work together to improve your cardiovascular conditioning to reduce body fat. I’ll help you train so that your heart reaches its optimal rate for burning fat.

Why Weight Training?

Weight training has many proven rewards. Your hard work on the weights will improve muscle definition, develop more lean body tissue, strengthen muscles, improve posture, and increase metabolism (to burn more calories even at rest). We will teach you the correct form and the benefits of each exercise. we will challenge you to progressively increase your level of strength and get the maximum benefit from your hard work. Weight training includes working with free weights (barbells and dumbbells), weight machines, cables, bands, and body-weight resistance.

What does a typical class involve?

Classes can include a combination of cardiovascular conditioning using Ballistic Kettlebell Exercises, weight training with Barbell and  Kettlebell Grinds, stretching and mobility exercises.

Kettlebells, Barbell, Body Weight and Krav Maga Self Defence classes for kids and adults currently run 6 days-a-week in Glasgow.

Join us at Iron Skull Gym today

Take the First Step to a Better You. Get strong, fit and and/or learn practical self-defence skills whilst increasing your confidence.

Book your first FREE Kettlebells class

Getting started is often the most challenging aspect, so go ahead and schedule a free trial class for yourself.
WAS £19:99

Book a FREE Kids/Teens intro class

This includes a first class for your child to try Krav Maga, and a parent consultation with the instructor.

Book your first FREE Adult Krav Maga Beginner class

Getting started is often the most challenging aspect, so go ahead and schedule a free trial class for yourself.
WAS £19.99
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